General Sweeps & Sculls

For rowers who have completed Learn-to-Row program, GWC has a wide range of options. General Sweeps and Sculls is a group made up of rowers looking to deepen their commitment to the sport and to their squad.  Some rowers will be enjoying the fitness, recreation, and comradery that rowing on the Genesee offers, while others will be working on form and fitness in order to become part of our competitive masters team. Still others will looking toward gaining the skills they need to pilot a single scull from our fleet.  All of us however understand the benefits of having a team of like minded athletes behind you to realize your goals, whatever they may be. General S&S participants will all receive instruction in sweeping and sculling in order to create the most well rounded athlete that we can. As part of your training you will receive our Captains Course, allowing you to pilot a GWC single scull on your own time if you complete the requirements.
  • Monday Wednesday 6 - 8 pm & Saturday 10:30 - 12:30 
  • Cost:
    • Membership is a requirement for General Sweeps and Sculls.  See SignUp Page for details

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