GWC 2017 Small Boathouse Membership

GWC 2017 Small Boathouse Membership

To be eligible for this membership, you must pass a Captain's Test involving a written portion and a practical "flip test" portion.

You also have to review and abide by:
• GWC's 2017 safety manual, which is new as of early summer of last year. (link)
• US Rowing's safety video (viewing is required viewing every year) (link)

You also have to be a competent, capable swimmer. This includes being able to swim at least 100 yards, tread water for at least 10 minutes, and be able to put on a life jacket while in the water.

USRowing's 2017 waiver is also required. This year is must be filled out electronically and directly with USRowing. It is linked here. It will cost you $9.75 for the year for a basic membership if you are not a current member.

Unauthorized distribution of the small boathouse lock combination will result in forfeiture of membership privileges.

We wish you a fun, safe season out on the water!

John Courain
Director of Operations