Intro to row is a 2 week course that gives brand new rowers a feel for the sport.  Participants learn the basics of rowing commands, boat moving, terminology, and technique.

Time Frame - 2 weeks, 2x/week

Cost - $50


Learn-To-Row is a 6 week follow up to intro to rowing.  During these sessions new rowers will work on their technique and teamwork.  In larger boats (8+) rowers will receive instruction from coaches as they become more and more comfortable with proper technique.  Rowers will learn technique drills and basic training regiments.

Time Frame - 6 weeks, 2x/week

Cost - $225

Intermediate Rowing

Intermediate rowing is an 8 week course where rowers grow their base of abilities.  Sculling is added into the program and rowers are given instruction in small boats as well as sweep instruction.

Time Frame - 8 weeks, 2x/week 3x/week

Cost - $225, $325

General Sweeps & Sculls

General S&S is a program dedicated to fitness and recreation.  Rowers who have successfully completed LTR and Intermediate are welcome to join our crew and work with like minded individuals in their rowing pursuits.  The focus of this group will be a continuing drive toward excellence in technique and a new focus on Zone training. Gen S&S rowers will be offered the chance to compete when schedules and participation allow.  Rowers will be given ancillary workouts that can be completed on off practice days if they choose.

Time Frame - Continuous

Cost - programming membership

Competitive Masters

Competitive masters are the portion of our rowership who focus on a stronger commitment to training and competition.  

Time Frame - Continuous

Cost - programming membership

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