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Big Changes for the 2018 Spring Season!

Lots of things are changing and we want to make sure you knew it first!

A Brand-New Membership System

Sure, chasing down programming dates and trying to figure out how to deal with missed practices, and constantly wondering how long the next session is and what it will cost is fun… Right?

Yeah, we didn’t think so either. We wanted to start this season off right and offer up a brand-new membership system for our athletes. We are now able to offer considerably lower prices, a consistent practice schedule, and off-season perks with a no-hassle monthly membership.

Starting April 1 athletes planning on rowing with us will pay one low, monthly rate and get open access to all coached programming, facilities, and club boat usage! In addition, we are offering BIG discounts to our younger community and student rowers.

Here is the breakdown:

Membership Activation Fee (First month + Last Month) Monthly Cost (After First Month) Holding Fee Yearly Total (No Holding Fee)
Masters $250 $125 $25 $1500

(35 and under)

$170 $85 $25 $1020

(Grad included)

$120 $60 $25 $720


What is the purpose of the activation fee?

The activation fee is your first and last months’ fee combined.  We hold the last month as a deposit. If you decide to drop out at any point during the year we simply keep your deposit.

What is a holding fee?

Obviously not everyone can row all year round.  If this is you we don’t want to penalize you by keeping your deposit. Instead you pay a small holding fee for those months you plan on being away.

Can I practice with GWC if my membership is on hold?

Unfortunately, not.

How many months can I hold my membership for?

You can hold out for a max of 4 months during the year.

Do we still sign up for once, twice, three times a week?

Not anymore.  GWC is now “open for business” and there are no limits on how many practices you can attend as a member, during the year.

I can only make practice a couple times a month and I’m used to paying less because of that.

Not a problem!  Our drop-in rate is $25 per practice so if once a week is all you can do, you still have a considerably lower cost.

So, what does being a member actually mean?

Membership, first and foremost gets you access; access to the programing that makes sense for you. Whether its training with Competitive Masters, learning and growing with General Sweeps & Sculls, or just starting your journey with Learn-to-Row.  You also have full access to our facilities and training room during normal business hours. You get access to our club singles if you ever decide to opt for that early morning row. During the winter season you get access to CORE training with Karen Morgan at no extra cost.

Membership means community! This year we will be working overtime to turn The GWC into much more than a place to row.  Thursday night cookouts will be up and running as the weather warms up. Our members will be able to bring their friends and family out to try rowing as well! When you register you will be receiving two vouchers to invite anyone you want to a two-week intro to rowing class at no cost. Members will also receive special discount opportunities throughout the year. We want our members to be empowered this year to spread the word and share their love of this sport with the whole community!


With our new system we are now able to offer some really great discounts to qualified rowers.

Junior Memberships:  If you are under the age of 35 we know that you have a lot on your plate financially. Maybe you are working hard at a new career. Maybe you’ve got a young family and money is tight.  Whatever the case is we are offering a 30% discount on our membership fees to help get you on the river.

Student Memberships:  If you are in the midst of grad school or even working on your PhD, we know that it can be hard to afford to do all of the things you might want to.  If you are a college student, of any kind, we want to give you 50% off of the full cost of membership!

Family Discounts: Rowing can be expensive, and for families… it might even be prohibitive.  We want your whole clan to join us on the river this season so every additional family member looking to row will be able to do so at half price! (50% the highest cost membership in the family)

Coxswain Discounts: We are really excited about this! If you are a rower who is also a capable coxswain we will give you 20% off of your membership fee in exchange for coxswaining once a week.  This won’t be available to everyone and you must apply to receive this discount.  More info will be available in March.

When and Where do I Sign up

We will be launching a new website in mid-March.  And registration for memberships starting April 1 will go live along with our new site.  Stay tuned for news on the exact dates.

If you have any questions at all please reach out to our director of Operations, John Courain.