Here are the steps to join the crew for this adventure:

1) Go to Concept 2 and create a Logbook (unless you already have one)
2) Click on “Teams”  in the blue bar at the top of the Concept 2 web page
3) Click on “Choose a team” and start typing genesee. The list of teams will scroll. Click on “Genesee Waterways” (Genesee Rowing Club is not the same team)
4) Join the Virtual Team Challenge on the right-hand side of the page
5) Erg Away!!
5) IMPORTANT!! Log ALL your meters in your Concept 2 Logbook the same day you complete them. Don’t wait and log several days worth at a time or we won’t have an accurate daily distance. Remember… all meters are good meters! It doesn’t matter if they are completed during drills, warm-up, etc. They all count!

Once the challenge starts, daily emails will be sent out with our progress for the challenge and where our meters have taken us on our journey.

For more details go to Concept 2 Virtual Challenge for more details on how all this works.

We at GWC hope you will join the crew for the January Challenge!!