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GWC COVID-19 Safety Guidelines


  • ·         Livery Representatives are required to use masks during customer interaction and applicable hand washing processes prior to and after servicing customers.
  • ·         Customers will not be allowed into the building for rentals and all rental processes will be done outside of the building.
  • ·         Customers will be queued in 6-foot intervals should a line form.
  • ·         Bathrooms will be used only one person at a time and will be sprayed with disinfecting solution after each use.
  • ·         Equipment will be disinfected after each use and before storage

Program Affiliates

  • ·         Program affiliates will be required to wear masks when in a group setting but will not be required to wear them while on the water
  • ·         Only single sculls will be allowed for use
  • ·         After every session program leads will clean and disinfect any equipment being used
  • ·         Team members will not be allowed inside the building except for single service bathroom use.

Private Users

  • ·         Private users will touch only their private equipment and both wash and sanitize their equipment after every use
  • ·         Private users will not be allowed to bring their personal effects into the boathouse
  • ·         Private users will only be allowed into the boathouse one at a time
  • ·         Private users will only be allowed to row single sculls
  • ·         Private owners will be responsible to bring disinfectant for their private shells and oars

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