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GWC star rating from Groupon


Of the 30 years I have been around rowing, my expectation of coaching was that I would get one or two nuggets of wisdom out of all the time spent with them…With Ethan EVERY TIME he coaches I get something good and it is ALWAYS good.

If that is people’s experience with other coaching, great. If not, they are missing out.

I regret not having Ethan around when I started out. He is a very special opportunity that should not be missed by anyone who is serious about rowing.

Keith WhitcombBrighton, NY

Ethan Curren is the best coach I have ever had in any sport in my life!

Anita PiccarretaGreece, NY

Lock 32

My two sons have had great summer experiences with kayaking at Lock 32.

Shelly Smith

As the busy summer approaches and there are so many camps to pick out for your children to attend, we decided to enroll our son and a friend in the “GWC” Kayaking Camp last summer for a new and different experience.  They had a blast with the experience.  Both kids absolutely loved the camp and said it was the best camp they have ever gone too.  The instructions were very friendly and great with the kids.  Can not wait for another season of Kayaking Camp at GWC.” Thank you !!

Bob, Sherri and Spencer Thomas

Kayak/Canoe Livery

We had a nice relaxing ride up the river. Instructor was very nice, helpful and courteous. Strongly recommend this activity.

Margo ProvenzanoRochester, NY

Speak to the coordinator before you go out, if you are new to Genessee Waterways… So helpful and a wealth of information. It will help make your adventure more fun!

Stuart LewisFairport, NY

We were very happy with the facility, got checked in and were out on the water fast. Spent 3 hours in a canoe over the Genesee River and the Red Creek. We would go back.

Eric MooreRochester, NY

take the river to the canal then to red creek…lots of wildlife, very quiet and peaceful there.

Tom Ryan

Great place, and kayaking here is awesome.

Jeff BrownRochester, NY

The staff were very helpful. The river was fun and easy to kayak on and more picturesque than I had imagined. Lots of fun!

Joanne R.

They help you, teach you, and help you get out and going.

Chris O.

This was an amazing experience. So much fun. A great way to spend time together with the family and be active. Friendly and helpful staff. Cant wait to come back!

A Local Kayaker

Kayak/Canoe Livery

We are lucky to have this facility in our community. Very nice people. Had a great experience.

Will StowePenfield, NY

We had such a wonderful experience kayaking w/ genesee waterways. The employees were very kind and helpful as this was our first experience kayaking – ever! It was such a beautiful way to take in the city of Rochester. We can’t wait to go back!

Liz PierceEast Rochester, NY

We had a good time in the 2-person kayak, but be sure to get oars with a rubber ring on the handle so that the water does not roll down the handle onto your clothes. We would go again.

Howard ListonNorth Tonawanda, NY

They know what they are doing, very efficient, instructive to those who do not how to paddle a kayak or canoe, and yet don’t talk down to you if you know what you are doing. I would highly recommend renting from them!!!!!

Jay JohnsonChili, NY

Awesome time with friendly and super helpful employees which made the experience just the best.

Laura ArnettHenrietta, NY

take the river to the canal then to red creek…lots of wildlife, very quiet and peaceful there.

The staff took our Groupons, had us go out to the kayaks and we were on our way! The staff was great and we had a wonderful experience. Would highly recommend Genesee Waterways.

Tom WebsterU of R

Kayak/Canoe Livery

The best fifteen dollars I spent in my life!
(after returning from kayaking on Red Creek on 7/15/15)

Bruce WarwickLiverpool, England

Pick a nice weather day and GO! Great friendly and helpful staff. My wife and I had a super experience. We’ll go again for sure.
(a Groupon review after kayaking with GWC in 2015)

Jim StamesGreece, NY

Plan to have a fun time! Leave your electronics in your car in case your kayak tips over!

Sarah StevensRochester, NY

Take the route that leads you to the Ford Street bridge, it’s a good scenic view!

Sean OrphanCanandaguia, NY

First time kayaking…Organization very organized & great guidance!

Don PicconeGates, NY

Call ahead if going with a group of people to make sure they have enough kayaks for your group

Sue ClarkRochester, NY

Great time! Very scenic perfect for first time or experienced kayakers

Go during the week if you can. It’s much less busy and you more than likely won’t have to wait for a kayak to return

Marcy MoranHenrietta, NY