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Join GWC for Spectacular Indoor Rowing & Functional Training

Session 1: Nov 7 – Dec 21 – SOLD OUT

Session 2: Jan 2 – Feb 27 – OPEN

Session 3 – TBD

GWC’s Indoor programs are directed by Ethan Curren and are open to all experience and fitness levels. We really mean that…no matter what your experience level, you’ll gain a lot by attending! “Train smarter” is a philosophy GWC athletes work by, and we are having a blast!

Participants can expect a variety of interval-based rowing machine workouts, cardio and functional strength exercises.  Proper technique and form is emphasized throughout all aspects of GWC training.

Discussion topics related to weight loss, proper nutrition, flexibility development and more will be covered over the various class segments.

Weekly Schedule
Tuesday: 5:45-7:15pm & 7:15 – 8:45 -Erging at GWC with Ethan Curren
Thursday: 5:45-7:15pm – Erging and rowing in the “tanks” at the Pittsford Indoor Rowing Center (PIRC) with Ethan Curren
Saturday: 10:30-NOON – Erging and rowing in the “tanks” at the Pittsford Indoor Rowing Center (PIRC) with Ethan Curren

Cost (Session 2)
Cost is variable depending on how many days a week you register for.
We are flexible with your choices . If you need to switch a day from your initial schedule simply notify your coach. If you want to drop in for an extra class the cost is $25. Choosing one of these options now helps us plan better : ) *

Tuesdays (9 total) – $180

Thursdays (8 total) – $160

Saturdays (8 total) – $160

Weekdays (17 total) – $306

Tues & Sat (17 total) – $306

Thurs & Sat (16 total) – $288

Full Time (25 total) – $400

Please NOTE that 2018 is a new rowing year! It is also a new liability release year. USRowing is requiring that all participants need to sign a 2018 USRowing waiver electronically directly with them. You may need to renew your basic or Championship membership with USRowing for 2018. This costs $9.75 for 2018. You only have to pay once for the year, no matter what team you are on (GWC, NAIADES, GRC, RBC, etc.) Here is a link to the waiver page on USRowing’s website.

Session 2

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Class Description

Pittsford Indoor Rowing Center (the “PIRC”)

We focus on fitness and technique!
Learn to row or perfect your stroke in the tanks with Ethan Curren. We don’t focus on the symptoms of inefficient technique (i.e. shooting the slide, missing water, skying your blade, etc.). Instead, we focus on teaching you the cause of flawed technique, so you will be better able to make changes, self-diagnose any issues and improve your boat moving ability. Ethan’s “PIRC” sessions are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Training Locations

Tuesday Evenings

Genesee Waterways Center
149 Elmwood Ave – Rochester, New York 14620

Thursday Evenings & Saturday Mornings

Pittsford Indoor Rowing Center
2800 Clover Street (Rte 65) – Pittsford, New York 14534

The Pittsford Indoor Rowing Center is a 5100 sq. ft. indoor rowing tank facility located on the historic Erie Canal in Pittsford, New York. It has a capacity of 32 rowers at a time rowing in 4 mini-canals with moving water. Water speed, stretcher position, spread, and height are all adjustable. In addition, the Center houses 27 rowing machines.